Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need web-hosting? Does my company need it?

A: The world is changing the way people think, act, talk and even the way business is done. Web hosting can provide you and your company a more effective and efficient way of reaching your goal (in this e-business century). You can create, update and advertise your own company/personal web page with vast information and fancy diagrams/pictures at a small cost. Improve customer service, productivity, ROI in a way that customers can view your website 24 hours a day at any time and any place. You can also use secure online payments to sell things online. The standard Alpha Dimensions account comes with 5 unique email boxes, so your main employees can each have separate email addresses.

Q: Why do I need web-hosting? I am just an individual

A: A common practice among our personal web-hosting customers, is purchasing a '' domain name and setting up email addresses for the whole family.

Q: Why is the Alpha Dimensions web-hosting deal so cheap, compared to other web hosting providers

A: Other web hosting providers seem to charge excessive prices. Web hosting is just disk space and bandwidth, in combination with the know-how and support. Alpha Dimensions staff are experienced in the administration of servers, and are able to help with any major or minor problem that customers may be having. This also means that Alpha Dimensions can tailor your account to your needs.

Q: How reliable is the service?

A: Alpha Dimensions' servers are monitored (every 5min) constantly, in case of failure. Currently not a single outage has been detected.

Q: How do I sign-up?

A: Once you have decided what services you require, go to the sign-up page. Payment will be negotiated when we confirm your account details via email.

Q: Do you have a referral program?

A: Yes, please ask for your referral number, if you would like to use this program. The details are as follows, when 10 customers sign-up because of you (they should quote your referral number), then you get 12 months free, on whatever type of plan you have signed up for.

Q: Why does MySQL have an additional fee?

A: Alphadimensions provides, by default, a basic package for web hosting. According to our policy, it is necessary to charge extra for additional services. This means that users that wish to use MySQL will be assured reliable and quick database connectivity. However, it should be noted that, compared to other companies the additional charge, for services such as MySQL, is relatively small.

Q: I would like to have 19 unique email addresses for the employees in my company, how do I set this up?

A: Alpha Dimensions email addresses are sold in the following lots: 5, 10, 20, ... Therefore the best choice for having 19 employees would be '20' (which would be a doubling of 5 twice), hence the additional email addresses service would be used twice.

Q: How do I check my email account on Alpha Dimensions

A: There are a number of ways, the first is to use the web-based email service provided, this is on, or on your domain name as seen under Plesk. The other way is to use an email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. You have the option of POP3, IMAP and the secure versions of these POP3S and IMAPS (using TLS). The last option is to log into your account and used a command line based email program such as 'pine' or 'mutt' (This option is only recommended for experienced users).

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